32 Kent Terrace - PT Inspection

32 Kent Terrace - PT Inspection

Kent Terrace
New Zealand
Spectrum Consulting Engineers

Key Aspects

Inspection of PT system used in concrete slabs

A 7 storey building in the Wellington CBD was planned for a major redevelopment to change its purpose from office space to residential. The building was not up to current New Building Standards and together with its redevelopment was to have a new core constructed through the concrete slabs. Designed in 1965, it was known to have existing PT slabs, however there was insufficient information shown on the historical drawings. With this in mind, Freyssinet were engaged to perform the inspection of the PT systems used in the concrete slabs. We were looking to confirm the location, depth and condition of the duct, the grout and cables plus their number and diameter. The inspection was carried out at night so that office working hours were not affected and business continuity was assured.