Golden Bay Cement Silos - Major Remedial

Golden Bay Cement Silos - Major Remedial

GBC Winstone
Design and Construct
New Zealand

Key Aspects

Concrete Repair
Access Solutions
Coating Removal using water-jetting
Concrete Breakout
Steel Augmentation
Dry-spray Concrete
Elastomeric Coating
Additional post tensioning for strengthening

Golden Bay Cement is the only cement manufacturer in New Zealand. They ship their material throughout the country and the Pacific Islands. Five silos are used to temporarily store the cement before it is bagged or pumped directly onto their shipping vessel.

In 2015, Freyssinet were commissioned to do a condition assessment on one of the concrete silos. The silos were deteriorated to the point that they had reduced capacity to avoid failure. Other consultants had concluded that the silos could not be salvaged, until Freyssinet came up with a repair strategy that enabled not only to reinstate full capacity, but to extend the life of the silos but another 25 years. 

The full scope of works across five silos included access solutions and management through scaffolding, coating removal using water-jetting, concrete breakout, steel augmentation, dry-spray concrete, elastomeric coating, and strengthening through additional post tensioning, using the 1X15 system.