Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering

Over the last five decades, the rapid development of cable stayed structures, particularly cable stayed bridges, has indicated a growing interest in this type of structure.


We have an enviable reputation in the development of modern construction methods including segmental construction, balanced cantilever, and incremental launching.


With 70+ years experience in soil structure, together with an accredited production force, we design, manufacture and perform works on-site.


We have been involved in numerous large-scale design and building projects, and after 30 years of experience in lifting and handling structures.


We inherited the tradition of technical excellence from our founder Eugene Freyssinet, who made his first experiments on prestressed concrete in 1906.


Structural accessories are systems that link together two structures to determine the relative movements and forces that each structure transmits.


The Freyssinet stay cable has been improved since its first applications to provide better fatigue resistance and durability and transfer its benefits to other uses.