Remedial Engineering

Remedial Engineering

Remedial Engineering

Years of experience in the design, construction, testing and monitoring have equipped us with exeptional resources in the field of repair and strengthening.


Expansive forces caused by corrosion and rust formation cause concrete to crack and spall, inevitably leading to concrete repair.


We provide complete solutions for the repair of building facades, bridges, car parks, overpasses, silos, wharves, marine and industrial structures.


We’re committed to the philosophy that all structural rehabilitation solutions require thorough investigation of the cause and extent of any deterioration and distress.


Crack injection is a preferred repair method for both cracks in horizontal concrete foundations and vertical concrete surfaces.


We have developed products designed to managing the functionalities of size, climate and operational stresses that expansion joints are subjected to.


Freyssinet has extensive experience in the repair of steel, concrete and timber piles and a complete installation service of piling wraps.


Our expertise in earthquake protection devices is fueled by our extensive track record built over more than 25 years.


We offer a full range of structural reinforcement solutions for bridges and dams, industrial structures, marine and river structures, tunnels and arches.