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Post Tensioning

Post Tensioning

We inherited the tradition of technical excellence from our founder Eugene Freyssinet, who made his first experiments on prestressed concrete in 1906 and took out a patent for prestressing in 1928.

Since then, we’ve pioneered the use of high-strength prestressing wire and continue to innovate through the years, establishing ourselves as worldwide leaders in prestressing activities. We now offer the best prestressing system range combining high performance, durability and dlexibility that can be applied to many different types of structures.

All of our systems are compliant with NZ standards and approved by relevant authorities.


The C-Range prestressing system is the most versatile multistrand system designed for a large range of applications. Tendon sizes range from 3 to 55 strands using 15.2mm and 15.7mm diameter strands.


The S-Range prestressing system using flat duct has been designed specifically for thin sections. This range is popular in the building industry. Tendon sizes range from 1 to 5 strands using 12.7mm and 15mm diameter strands.


The high-tensile post-tensioning bars are suitable for short tendons and temporary works. We offer a wide range of bar diameters and properties – from 26mm to 90mm, with tensile strength from 1030 MPa to 1200 MPa.

Our Scope:

  •  Supply of post-tensioning materials
  •  Supply of post-tensioning equipment
  •  Provision of supervision and labour
  •  Construction engineering