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Seismic Retrofitting

Seismic Retrofitting

It was not until the mid-20th century that tangible steps were taken to protect structures in earthquake prone areas, and even then, in most cases only passive protection measures were taken – such as wind bracing walls.  

From proposing an earthquake protection strategy geared towards a specific structure through to delivering and installing systems that have been designed, manufactured and tested in-house, we offer turnkey solutions for seismic protection of new and existing structures.

Our expertise in earthquake protection devices is fueled by our extensive track record built over more than 25 years. Leveraging our wealth of knowledge and experience in building and infrastructure, Freyssinet have developed a full range of earthquake isolation devices known as ISOSISM.

These devices can be used alone or in combination to achieve the most effective and appropriate protection for each project. The ISOSISM range covers the three fundamental operational modes of seismic protection.


  • Viscous dampers for both infrastructure and building application (high-reactivity dampers)
  • Prestressed damping spring (a flag-shaped dissipator with activating threshold and recentering capacity unique to the ISOSISM range)


  • High-damping rubber bearings
  • Lead rubber bearing
  • Friction pendulum bearings


  • Shock transmitter unit
  • SFX joint (supported mat joint that withstands seismic displacement in both longitudinal and transverse directions and maintain trafficability after the event

Our Scope

  • Definition of seismic protection strategies
  • Design and manufacture of tailor-made devices
  • Installation of devices, including methods and temporary works design