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Freyssinet designs, manufactures and supplies four main bearings; Elastomeric, Pot, Spherical and Special Bearings.

Elastomeric Bearings are made up of a series of elastomeric layers and steel plates. They are generally used for vertical loads less than 18,000 kN. The formation capacity of the bearing determines the acceptable movements and the permissable load decreases as the movements increase. 

Pot Bearings are made up of an elastomeric disc confined between a steel pot and a circular piston, which means they can withstand much greater loads than a conventional elastomeric bearing. These are used to take up very large vertical loads and the deformation of the elastomer defines the rotation capacitty of the bearing (up to 30 mrad). 

Spherical Bearings do not contain any elastomeric components. Rotation takes place on a spherical face, by contact between a sliding material and a chrome steel surface. Spherical Bearings can withstand both large vertical loads and significant rotation (up to 50mrad). 

Special Bearings also do not contain any elastomeric components. There are several different types, based off vertical/horizontal loads and rotation, but all functions of Special Bearings are provided by steel/steel contact or sliding surfaces.